Woyzeck! 2 actors, 1 Dj, 4 Speakers, 18 neon-lights

(Copyright George Rahmatoulin, theater-rigiblick.ch)

The Theater Rigiblick presents the Woyzeck!, a performance in Greek with German subtitles. The unfinished, neurotic text of Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck, so poetically oriented and constructed, is a laboratory of ideas, images and sounds, full of cries of the human soul. A room of condensed imagination, where suddenly the whole world becomes tidy. With the recurring fragments and themes of this ever contemporary text, along with the use of different motives and leitmotivs, sounds and atmospheres, over the course of over seven years, Büchner’s text became our small laboratory of demiurge: two theatre productions that completed a journey through different spaces, an ongoing publication with a selection of Woyzeck’s notes and drafts, and a cinematographic project that is now being constructed. Woyzeck is a project in progress. A mixture, on the pale surface of a bare space, of theatrical text, stylized visual imagery, everyday textures and objects, 19th century pieces of costumes and props, natural and technical sounds, voices, whispers, techno music and lullabies, sharp fluorescent light and penumbras. A construction of realities from the abyss of our personal and collective memory, grounded always on Büchner’ s fragmented phrases and words, that with such courage confess in its most nude form the everyday, poor, austere reality, from which only could be born the unusual, the impossible, the preternatural (Source PDF).

A Cyprus/Germany Co-Production. Supported by the German Foregin Ministry, Ministry of Culture Cyprus, Goethe-Institut, Theatre Organisation of Cyprus (THOC), Centre for Performing Arts Mitos, Rialto Theatre, Satyrico Theatre.

Entrance fee: 35/30/25 CHF

Further Information: Theater-Rigiblick.ch