Venus in the Garden (film) at Luststreifen – Queer cinema Basel


The film Venus in the Garden by Telémachos Alexiou will be presented at the festival luststreifen 2013The film is a play of light and shadow, color and black and white, dream and reality. The pimp Monica lives in an abandoned villa in Greece. Alan is her prostitute whom one evening Nikos takes home. Who is interested to seduce whom? Haunting black and white images emphasize the dream-like composition. 

Entrance fee: 

Single ticket: 15 CHF / 10 CHF (reduced)

Evening ticket: (Fr / Sa) 35 CHF / 30 CHF (reduced)

Festival ticket: 80 CHF / 50 CHF (reduced, members)
FeSTiVaL LOVeRS –  from 150 CHF,

Further Information: PDF