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In The Greek House Christian Brechneff presents a funny, touching narrative about his relationship to the Greek island of Sifnos, writing with warmth about its unforgettable residents and the house he bought in a hilltop village. This is the story of how a twenty-one-yearold painter searching for artistic inspiration and a quiet place to work fell in love with Sifnos, and how it became a haven from the complexities of his life. It is the story of his village and of the island over thirty-odd years—from a time when there were barely any roads to the arrival of the modern world with its tourists and high-speed boats and the euro. And it is the story of the end of this love affair—how the island changed and how he changed; how he realized he had outgrown Sifnos, or couldn’t grow there anymore.

The Greek House is a celebration of place and an honest account of self-discovery. In its pages, a naïve young man filled with longing comes into his own. Weaving himself into the life of the island, painting it year after year, he finds a place he can call home.


Reading in English, Questions & Discussion in German

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