“Songs for Kommeno”, a music and literary tribute to a Greek Village

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Kommeno, a greek village, lies in the west of the Greek mainland in the region of Epirus. On 16 August 1943, 172 women and 145 men were murdered by members of the Wehrmacht . 110 of the victims were under 15 years old. This was a revenge ordered by Lieutenant Willibald Röser because some resistance fighters had received food in the village two days before.

The musical and literary tribute by the drummer Günter Baby Sommer is based on the memories of survivors and original documents. The project Song for Kommeno  with Savina Yannatou (voice), Floros Floridis (saxophone / clarinet), Evgenios Voulgaris (Yayli tanbour / oud) and Spilios Kastanis (bass) involves four important musicians of the Greek jazz scene. On 16 August 2012, the impressive premiere of Songs For Kommeno  took place in Kommeno. Around 1000 people were gathered in the village square. As in the words of remembrance, the concert began at midnight. It was particularly poignant, as with the 82-year-old Maria Labri an eyewitness of the massacre took the stage and the central lament Mary Mirloi intoned.

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