Planet of Zeus live in Rote Fabrik


Planet of Zeus are a heavy rock, southern metal band from Athens, Greece. Planet of Zeus have released two albums. “Eleven the hard way”, in April 2008 through Casket Music/ Copro Records (UK) and “Macho Libre”, in May 2011, through B-Otherside Records. Both albums have sold-out and are waiting to be rereleased. Planet of Zeus’s songs have been also featured in several underground compilations such as the Spinalonga vol. 1&2. Both albums have received attention and reviews beyond expectation. Much of “Macho Libre’s” success is due to the fact that it contains 11 songs, which draw inspiration from the current social and economic crisis in Greece and express frustration, anger and thirst for revenge. Their European tour 2013 will bring them to Zurich.


Further Information:

Entrance fee: 20 CHF

Where: Ziegel oh Lac, Rote Fabrik