Petros Markaris presents his new crime novel, ‘Zahltag: Ein Fall für Kostas Charitos’


Wealthy Greeks who do not pay taxes. Poor Greeks outraged about it, desperate about their hopeless situation. A stranger who does neither the one nor the other: He takes action on behalf of the state. His means are threatening letters, poison as well as bow and arrow.

The author, Petros Markaris was born in Istanbul in 1937 and lives in Athens. He is the athour of plays, and the creator of popular Greek television series. He has co-authored  with Theo Angelopoulos (director of The Suspended Step of the Stork, Eternity and a Day, The Beekeeper, etc) and has translated many German playwrights. He is a writer of detective novels starring the grumpy Athenian police investigator Costas Haritos. Today he is the Greek voice in contemporary literature, his novels are published in 13 languages and he has been internationally awarded (most recently with the Pepe Carvalho award for crime fiction).

Moderation of the talk: Guido Kalberer (Tages-Anzeiger, Ressortleiter Kultur & Gesellschaft)
Reading in German.

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Entrance fee:  28/18 CHF