Prehistoric Ionia reconsidered: new excavations at the Heraion of Samos, and on the western littoral of Asia Minor (Liman Tepe, Miletus)

Lecture in English

The Association Genevoise d’Archéologie Classique invites Ourania Kouka (University of Cyprus) to give a lecture about the new excavations in in the Heraion Samos and in the coastal regions of Anatolia.

Ionia is located in the central part of the east Aegean and includes the islands of Chios and Samos and the central-western littoral of Asia Minor. Due to the ideal geomorphological and climatological conditions, the fertile plains and the abundance of local metal resources, Ionia represented one of the most important cultural micro-regions of the east Aegean since at least the 7th millenium BC. Moreover, due to its geographical location Ionia acted as a cultural bridge between the inland of Anatolia and the Aegean world since prehistoric times. While systematic excavations since the late 19th century documented its glorious historical past, the prehistoric past of this area has been investigated archaeologically only since the early 1990s.

The lecture will focus on the archaeologically neglected periods of prehistoric Ionia, namely on the 4th millennium (Late Chalcolithic) and in particular on the 3rd millennium BC (Early Bronze Age) of the wider cultural area of the north and east Aegean. The presentation will address the chronological, economic, social, political and symbolic framework of the EBA in the North and East Aegean in light of excavations at Liman Tepe/Klazomenai, Izmir, Miletusand Prehistoric Heraion on Samos. In the contribution of evidence from these sites to discussions on cultural interaction among various Aegean landscapes in the 4th and the 3rd millennium. BC was also considered.

WhereUNI BASTIONS – Salle B 105

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The same lecture takes place on 23rd April at University of Bern (18:15) and 24th April at University of Lausanne (13:15).