NOT MY PIECE – postcapitalism for beginners

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We hear about the end of the capitalist economic system which is at the roots of our societal life in the news every day. For others, as the fate of numerous Greeks shows, this is already the reality. Even in the US, well informed economists prepare their emergency packages and buy lots that have their own water wells and pastures. Rumor has it that the system could collapse over night.

NOT MY PIECE is an introduction into the world of postcapitalism*, step by step elaborating on its very notions, directly implemented on and next to the stage. In this choreography of services, complex economic relations find a simplified form. They are the material for a farce with a high degree of truth: surprising, funny and committing you to think it over.

TINA – There Is No Alternative was a Margret Thatcher’s slogan…

NOT MY PIECE is the attemp for a juicy demonstration of the alternative(s): TAMARA: There Are Many Awesome Realistic Alternatives!

An interactive installation, Greece for sale in the frame of the performance NOT MY PIECE takes place  at Gessnerallee Zurich

Concept and realisation: Martin Schick, Kiriakos Hadjiioannou, Anna K. Becker, Elli Papakonstatinou in cooperation with: Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, RESO Tanznetz Schweiz and
the Art-space Vyrsodepsio, Athens.

*postcapitalism: any socio-economic system that follows capitalism, the term is different from «anti-capitalism»



Entrance fee: 32CHF (Donor tickets), 16CHF(Solidarity tickets at a flat rate), 0CHF (Postcapitalist tickets, at your own risk, there are only 5 such tickets per show)


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