My first tic tac of all your seconds [nobody's story or no story at all]

(Copyright Pericles Pravitas)

“I wanted to make you happy. I wanted to buy you a present. A very expensive present, to make you very happy. Something’s wrong with my watch. It is a good watch. It is not broken, I took it to the repairman. He says he doesn’t understand what the problem is with it. He also asked me why it is set 20 minutes ahead. I replied that reality is running 40 minutes behind. You, my love, do you have a watch?”

Two persons in a waiting room, trapped in a non-place, in a space without history. He is a contemporary dandy. An aesthete, maintaining his very personal attitude in the Chaos he lives, feeding the hope that everything will soon end without mentionable losses. She doesn’t belong anywhere. Their desire is to meet each other. They share the same distance, the same space and time, trying to ignore the minor or major war that takes place around them. Maybe because the blood that’s dripping is not theirs. At least not yet.

A perpetual comment based on the idea of the socio-political situation considered as a time bomb, which, whereas is heard ticking, will never explode; its joints are worn by time and environmental factors. The play originates from the modern reality in Greece, seen through the scope of kilometric distance. As time in the country goes by in mute, the intensity of violence is escalating. As the intensity of violence is escalating, its citizens get used to it, integrate it into their rationality. Silently, with no pain, with no killing or explosion. Civilized


Concept / Script / Direction: Eirini Sourgiadaki

English translation : Yannis Stefanou

Choreography: Sonia Ntova

Set / Stage / Costumes : Dimitra Liakoura

Soundscape: Victoria Darila

Light design: Christina Thanasoula

Announcement voice: Melissa Vetters

Poster artwork: Yorgos Tsopanos

Video trailer: Aris Basias /

Photos: Pericles Pravitas

Movement attendance: Kiriakos Hadjiioannou

Performance : Kostas Koroneos, Sonia Ntova

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