#MAT1236 exhibition

(Copyright Nikolas Georgiou)

#MAT1236 is a small team of Greeks in Zurich and their project is to setup a photo/art exhibition to demonstrate the extent and madness of police violence in Greece. Their aspiration is to raise funds through crowdfunding and setup a contest for art students to create a mobile art exhibition, initially in Zurich but they plan to roam to other european cities as well.

Currently they are collecting stills and footage along with usage rights from amateur and professional photographers that attend demonstrations in Athens. They are also looking for available spaces in Zurich to host the exhibition.

As an act of solidarity to the victims of police violence and those who were arrested and tortured, they organized a photo exhibition  from 21-24 November at University of Zurich during the conference Linke Hochschultage on Left, Science and Resistance.

 MAT1236 is the code number of a Reinstatement of Order unit that kidnapped a young girl protester and used her as human shield during a demo in Athens. This was not the first incident of police paranoic brutallity but we want to make sure it will be one of the last. Every time people protest against what they think is unfair, the streets of Athens witness inumerable incidents of police violence. Whether agreeing or not with the motivations, the right and obligation to protest should be a cornerstone of freedom for all peoples.

Further Information: https://hashmat1236.wordpress.com