Early Iron Age Open-Air Sanctuaries in the Aegean

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The aim of the lecture by Prof. Dr. Nota Kourou (University of Athens, Department of Archaeology and History of Art) is to discuss the complexity of continuity and change in the Aegean during the Early Iron Age on the evidence offered by the main sanctuary type of that period, i.e. the open- air sanctuary. Cultic buildings are far from common during the Early Iron Age, although claims for the existence of temples dating earlier than the 9th century become increasingly frequent. E.g. claims have been put forward for an 11th century temple at Posidi in Chalkidiki among others. But apart from the Heroon at Lefkandi, which however has a mortuary character, the dating evidence of every other building claimed as an Early Iron Age temple is highly disputable and for this reason we will concentrate on the common sanctuary type of the period, which is the open-air sanctuary.

Where: Universität Basel, Kollegiengebäude, Hörsaal 115

Further information: klassarch.unibas.ch