The Greek Sports in the epoch of Hellenism – new questions and tentative answers



Prof. Dr. Ch. Mann (Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit in Mannheim) will give a lecture entitled in German as Der griechische Sport in der Epoche des Hellenismus – neue Fragen und tentative Antworten. In the Hellenistic period, changes in the political and social structure influenced the sport regime: For example, the regime of athletes who could participate, the type of the awards, the public sport system for talented and poor athletes. These findings are followed by a number of interesting questions, such as: To what extent the sport served in an era intensified cultural contacts between Greeks and ‘barbarians’ to celebrate the Greek identity? Were athletes representatives of Polis , or stood binding to kings in the foreground ? In the lecture these questions will be discussed with reference to some selected examples.

Venue: KO2-F-150, University of Zurich

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