The classic drama, 2500 years later


Presentaion in Greek with translation in German

The Kulturverein Griechenland in Basel invites us to the lecture by Lydia Koniordou. She will interpret of excerpts from Euripides tragedy, prologue to Iphigenia in Tauris and from the chorus in Elektra. Lydia Koniordou was born in Athens and studied English Philology at the University of Athens and graduated from drama school to the National Theatre from Athens. In addition to commitments at the National Theatre Athens, she was a member of the Theatre Karolos Koun. She became famous mainly for its performances in classical drama (as a choir leader in many ancient dramas, as well as Athena in the Eumenides, as Clytemnestra in Electra by Sophocles, etc.). They staged the Electra of Sophocles for the National Theatre, where they also played the title role. In addition, she has also taken over teaching at various private and national drama schools.


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