Thoughts of our time: “Seeking, in my soul, the land of Greece” – Even in times of crisis!


Lecture in German with the original titel “Gedanken zur Zeit: ‘Das Land der Griechen mit der Seele suchend’ – auch in Zeiten der Krise!”

Greece as nation as well as a society is the problem child of Europe. Since the second world war, the country has not seen such a crisi. But, whatever the world may think about Greece, the Hellens see it differently.

Starting in the mid-18th century and not ending today, Germany in particular has taken on an obsesive passion about the antique Greece. Is it an undying neurose? Can the ideals of the hellenism persist today? And why don’t they calm the relations of Germany and Greece today?

Dr. Claudia Schmölders is invited to present her thoughts on our time: “Seeking, in my soul the land of Greece” – even in times of crisis!

Followed by an apero from 20.45 to 21.45.

Where: KOL,  F117, University Zurich