Body Music Workshop with Simone Mongelli


As part of the Greek culture courses Ellinakia, a special workshop takes place with the percussion artist Simone Mongelli. The workshop is an introduction to the art of Body Music, i.e. creating music with the exclusive use of the body.

This was an ancient practice which is known in different musical traditions around the world. Nowdays, it is revitalized as a modern form of performance, combining music and dance. Children will combine singing and body movements as a percussion instrument  creating choreography, learning lyrics melodies, rhythms and basic musical knowledge in an amusing way. The laboratory is also designed to be connected to this year’s theme of Ellinakia – the Odyssey – as the choice of songs will come from areas which follow the journey of Odysseus. The workshop is open to children from 6 up to 16 years.


Registration: Anna Kanellou,, +41 765 620 815

Registration free: 95 CHF

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