2nd documentary festival: Films & Discussions nights

The Hellenic Student Association in collaboration with the Griechische Gemeinde in Zurich present the 2nd documentary festival with films and discussions with guests speakers from March 6th to Aptil 12th.

Venue: Uni Zurich, Raemistrasse 69, SOC-1-106

Further Information: efsz.ethz.ch


6.03, 18.45  Public Television in Times of Crisis

Guests: G. Makris (journalist), D. Deliolanis (journalist)

13.3, 18.45 Privatisation of Natural Resources: Water

L. Vatikiotis (journalist/economist)

20.3, 18.45 Immigration and Xenophobia

M. Schmitz (Autonome Schule ZH)

27.3, 18.45 Financial Crisis and the Way out

M. Chesney (Prof UZH), Y. Tolios (economist)

4.4, 18.45 Society in Ruins

Z. Mavroudi (film director)

10.4, 18.45 An alternative future

S. Kouloglou (journalist), G. Kallis (Prof. UAB)

12.04, 17.00 Le Capital

C. Gavras (film director)