1st Documentary Festival, 2013: “Crisis, in Greece and the World”

(Copyrigh wikimedia.commons.org)

The Hellenic Student Association and the Griechische Gemeinde Zuerich are pleased to invite you to their 1st Documentary Festival. The documentary selection is based on current events in Greece and worldwide, in the context of the financial and social crisis. After every screening there will be a discussion on the topic in the presence of its director via teleconference, followed by an apéro.

Further Information: PDF (GR)PDF (EN)

Where: Auditorium F-150 of the building ΚΟ2, University of Zurich




28.02.13:       Inside Job (English, Greek subtitles) 2010 | C. Ferguson | 105 min


07.03.13:      What is the Golden Dawn? (Greek, no subtitles) 2012 | Protagonistes, S. Theodorakis |59 min

                       Tomorrow would be another day (Greek, English subtitles) 2011 | S. Mondelos | 28 min

                       Discussion with S. Μοndelos              


14.03.13:      On the rails of the absurd  (Greek, no subtitles) 2012 | Pandora’s box, Κ. Vaxevanis |52 min

                       Derail the privatizations (Greek, English subtitles) 2012 | Infowar, Α. Chatzistefanou |23 min

                       Discussion with Α. Chatzistefanou             


21.03.13:     Cassandra’s Treasure (Greek, English subtitles) 2012 | Small Planet – EPT, Y. Avgeropoulos | 59 min

                      Greek Myths: Βirth of a crisis  (English, Greek subtitles2011 | Skynews, J. Randall | 24min
                     Discussion with Y. Αugeropoulos                 


25.03.13:    The viking way   (Greek, English subtitles) 2012 | Small Planet – EPT, Y. Avgeropoulos | 50 min

                     Wonderful macroeconomics (Greek, English subtitles) 2011 | Small Planet – EPT, Y. Avgeropoulos                             | 55 min